I was thinking about poetry expression and exercises in writing poems according to a theme or idea. I am thinking of one here. Have you ever heard of Anaphora and Epistrophe?

  • Anaphora – repetition of a word or words at the beginning of two or more successive verses, clauses or sentences.
  • Epistrophe – repetition of a word or words at the end of two or more successive verses, clauses or sentences.
  • Symploce – The simultaneous use of Anaphora and Epistrophe.

Exercise: Write a poem using anaphora, epistrophe and symploce. Experiment with using words repeated to create your poem.

The poem I wrote was intended to convey the concept of these terms as a love story. One that joined anaphora and epistrophe to spawn symploce, and symploce spawns palindrome. Sort of a Greek myth theme with origins.


Epistrophe found a love; and so did love.
Love did Anaphora find; love for Epistrophe.
Inside and out; Epistrophe was only one way with out.
Anaphora felt the same; Anaphora desired, Epistrophe came.

Greek myth you say? Examine what voices say.
Travel words outside the middle; travel in books.
Reading in a way; Words have a way.
Unravel the riddle; Unravel the looks.

Form develops; develops form.
Words to letters to words.
Deified! Sex at noon taxes!
Symploce spawns Palindrome.

What is learned,
From phrase and word,
So cleverly turned?
The pen is a linguistic sword.

Well, it is sort of experimental and I like to play around with my poetry sometimes to break out of conventional stuff. It can be fun to play around with word forms and forming words in a theme. Give it a try.