It has been pointed out to me that the background information I provide on some of my bogs is sometimes not necessary to the point I am trying to make. Fair criticism. I am always open to opinions on this topic. Let me explain: I tried to make a point in my last blog that Darwin is not a final thought on the subject of evolution. Huxley and Wallace were contemporaries of Darwin and had their own ideas, some of which are only getting serious consideration today. Should I assume the reader knows the topic or should I continue to provide background info in the context of my thoughts? That is, the reader can do his/her own background work if interested. I need only make my point. I need not lecture and asume you, the reader, does not know. This may question a writing style – journalistic versus professorial. I seek to be a better writer and welcome all thoughts on this matter. My thoughts are my own, but if I am to convey a thought, to you the reader, then I wish to do it well. Honest thoughts, opinions, and methods for writing a better blog are always welcome.

Ultimately, this is the greater issue: The evolution of a blog depends on you, the reader, who is viewing this. My thoughts are guided and have relevance only upon your feedback. I am not here to make speeches, but to encourage a dialog, inspire thought, and raise topics for consideration. Think about your own Blog’s, think about mine, and others you have read. What can we say is the evolution of a Blog? How does it get better over time? What elements are considered essential to a successful Blog? Seems strange to comment on a blog about blogs, but if it makes a good dialog and future blogs better, then it its worthwhile I think. I thank you in advance for offering some thought on this.