What am I? A collection of atoms, interacting with nuclear forces, electomagnetism and gravity which combine in some way of nature to produce me. Above that, just a collection of molecules, neurotransmitters and electrical impulses with a body of brain, flesh, bone and blood. Above that, just one creature among many spinning on a sphere in the solar system. Above that, one speck in the spiral arm of a galaxy among billions of galaxies. All of this and beyond, a collection of atoms in a grand collection of atoms. Am I just my atoms? What makes the collection of atoms in me particularly me, and not you or somebody else?

I am reminded by something the physicist Richard Feynman wrote:

I wonder why. I wonder why.
I wonder why I wonder.
I wonder why I wonder why.
I wonder why I wonder.

There is me (the physical body), and there is me (the essence of who I am). Are they different or one and the same? This is the philosophy of who I am and why I wonder. I am not just my atoms!  Bravely said, but I just don’t know. When I look at my social networking profiles, is it me, or just an image of me? Similarly, when I think of myself, is it me or just a thought of me?

Indeed, I have thoughts of eternity. I am my atoms and more it seems. I have always been part of the universe and will always be part of the universe. Ah, but will I always be me? This is the great mystery!