I was wondering, does evil exist? I wish to make a dialog on the topic. It has a reach beyond the question as well. It seems a matter of reasoning to me. Let’s define some terms: (Bear with me – this is philosophy, language and reasoning combined together to form a process in thought.)

Inductive – the process of estimating the validity of observation of facts as evidence about facts as a whole. Example:(Every crow ever seen was black; all crows are black.) The truth of the conclusion is based on EVIDENCE. There is no certainty that a white crow may not be found, but its occurrence is unlikely given the evidence in fact.

Deductive – drawing a conclusion from a set of premises about the premises as a whole (example: All dogs are animals; this is a dog; therefore this is an animal.) The truth of the conclusion is based on the METHOD. One could say, all dogs are animals; this is an animal; therefore this animal is a dog. The later conclusion is absurd.

I am thinking too on this and wish to see such things in better thought. Sometimes arguments are designed to make a thought in a certain direction, but what is wrong with some scrutiny? What about GOD?

The inductive argument says that, given the amount of ‘evil’ that exists in the world, it would be unlikely that God existed. The deductive argument says that God created Man, God is Good, therefore Man is Good. Ah, but it is only deductive in this way. It could be, God created Man, God introduced ‘evil’, therefore man knows evil. The inductive and deductive arguments are complex here because the concept is a spiritual being beyond comprehension anyway. (Not necessarily beyond belief depending on inductive and deductive arguments). Nevertheless, it proves a most excellent philosophical and spiritual exercise into the nature of things – On ourselves, on others, and higher powers.

I didn’t fully answer the question “Does Evil Exist”? Like all questions, most are never fully answered. As Lao Tzu said – “A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”. The journey is the important thing.