I have been pondering the nature of perception lately and viewpoints in seeing things as they are from perspective. However, I am thinking large and decide to take on this subject in a grand scale. I have wondered at times how similar in structure and form the microcosm in living things resembles the macrocosm of the universe – Is the universe a living thing? Interesting question. There are some patterns here for thought to be sure.

The following link is a perspective on the universe as seen from 10E23 meters (a million trillion miles) away from earth, and progressing by powers of 10, to deep inside  a living cell on earth at 10E-16 meters (a million trillionth of an inch). This journey from macroscopic to microscopic universes is an interesting perspective. It is intriguing how similar the far field macrocosm resembles the near field microcosm. Check it out at Molecular Expressions: Powers of 10

For another perspective that presents some visual comparisons based on these thoughts I speak of here, see this short video on Youtube aptly titled ‘Living Universe’:


It would be a mistake to assume that a visual similarity implies something more than just the physical nature of things – physics and chemistry structures in nature and the way we perceive. However, it is pure human arrogance to think that the way we understand is the only possible way things are in reality. There is a subtle thought here that is to be appreciated – What does it really mean to be a living thing? It’s kind of a strange magic really. The reality and the perception may be very different. I am interested to hear any direction in thought here…personal or universal.