March 14 is international Pi Day (3/14 on English date convention). It is also Albert Einstein’s Birthday (Born 3/14/1879). It is a good day to celebrate both.

Pi is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number, meaning it has a never ending sequence of decimal places. It shows up again and again in the equations of mathematics and physics, which is not really all that rational either since the physical world we know may not be fundamentally Euclidean. Indeed, Einstein showed in his General Theory of Relativity that the physical universe is Non-Euclidean in the presence of strong gravitational fields. Pi is also transcendental, meaning it cannot be expressed as a sequence of whole numbers, and the Buddha may have his say on the transcendental nature of things.

Cheers to Einstein and Pi… Here is a link to help celebrate in exploration: Joy of Pi

Also, how about a million digits of pi for viewing: 1 M Pi

As a side note, at digits 762-767 there occurs a sequence 999999. This is called the Feynman point, after Richard P. Feynman, physicist and very clever guy. It is called this because Feynman once said he would like to remember Pi up to the 762nd digit, so he could recite the digits and then say 999999, and so on… It’s very funny and very Feynman.

To get in the spirit of the day, here is a song of Pi to sing along with (tough to memorize though!):

Take a moment this March 14 to think of all the ways Pi has influenced your life. Share your thoughts here… It’s more than a number, it’s something fundamental. Think about it!