Welcome to the world of Macintosh Emulation. Running OSX, Windows or Linux and wish to experience or have a need for MacOS 0.x thru 9.0? There are a several options, but I will discuss two of the best options here:

BasiliskII – Runs OS 0.x through 7.5. Requires an old world ROM and a Mac OS.
(See additional link at emaculation.com – Setting up BasiliskII for Mac OSX)

Sheepshaver – Runs OS 7.5.2 through 9.0.4. Requires a new world ROM and a Mac OS.
(See additional link at emaculation.com – Setting up SheepShaver for Mac OS X)

I have set up an OS system 7 (on Basilisk) and system 9 (on Sheepshaver) in my Macintosh Intel OSX. They are working well. Here are the screen shots on my computer:

SYSTEM 7.0.1 running in Mac OSX (Intel)

SYSTEM 9.0.4 running in Mac OSX (Intel)

For Mac users that wish to have Windows emulation, Parallels is a good choice. I have it running Windows XP in OSX (Intel). See screenshot:

Windows XP running in Mas OSX (Intel)

It should be said that keeping up with the latest in OS (for Mac, Windows or Linux) is the best way to go, but this is not always possible or necessarily desirable. In my own experience I need older Mac operating systems to run software that is no longer supported, and to modify programs to the current OS while having access to the previous OS as a diagnostic. I also have need to convert files from older OS software, on occasion, as well.

Whatever the need or desire, or just for fun, OS Emulation is a useful tool. I have some experience with it and can try to answer any questions on the subject. Feel free to post to this blog with inquiries or just discuss the topic.

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