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A Selected Film: Previously a film review on my page, I thought it worth saving and have made it a blog here. I needed to move on to another film in my selections. Interesting that the new film (The Art of Travel) I recommend is also related in travel and experience – perhaps my frame of mind, having been to six countries in the last year. So, I leave this previous review here, unedited, as it appeared on my page. They are similar films, but with different outcomes.

This film brings you up and down. Is it worth the ride? I think so. I was quite impressed with this film. It’s based on a true story and the book by John Krakauer, who also wrote ‘Into Thin Air’ about an ill-fated ascent of Mt. Everest. Krakauer is a modern day Farley Mowat in his writings. I mention this because the film reminded me of a film called ‘Never Cry Wolf’ based on a book by Mowat. It makes for a good double feature to see these films together. These stories are about testing your limits and being free from civilization, yet always caught by its trappings. They put you in the harsh reality that is nature sometimes, but present a journey of spirit and survival that is inspiring. These films are also about the need for connection in human ways. ‘Into the Wild’ is a film I will not soon forget, and it will stay with me. It is powerful stuff – moving, emotional, literate, philosophical, adventurous and contemplative. The ending is quite emotionally wrenching. See it, but try not to see it alone… “Happiness is a feeling best shared”. This does not say the ending is happy or not, but is a synthesis of the film. A realization, an awakening – perhaps just a reminder.