And so it is – Obama is president! And it is a marriage of sorts, not only with America, but the world as well. So, I thought I would tell an international story (and there is an allegory here) – With a scene from Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro” (Marriage of Figaro):

Non Piu Andrai Farfallone (No More Gallavanting)

Count Almaviva has just caught the youth, Cherubino, romancing the ladies again. As punishment he is to be dispatched to the army, at once, but with a commission. Figaro, who has appeared in the room, sends Cherubino off with a mocking-militaristic aria, “Non più andrai” where he’s told that his flirting with the ladies will now be replaced by the rigors of military life, marching through mud, over mountains, in the snow and scorching sun, etc.

The translation from the Italian goes like:

You won’t go any more, amorous butterfly,
Fluttering around inside night and day
Disturbing the sleep of beauties,
A little Narcissus and Adonis of love.
You won’t have those fine feathers any more,
That light and jaunty hat,
That hair, that shining aspect,
That womanish red color [in your face]!
Among soldiers, by Bacchus!
A huge moustache, a little knapsack,
Gun on your back, sword at your side,
Your neck straight, your nose exposed,
A big helmet, or a big turban,
A lot of honour, very little pay.
And in place of the dance
A march through the mud.
Over mountains, through valleys,
With snow, and heat-stroke,
To the music of trumpets,
Of bombards, and of cannons,
Which, at every boom,
Will make bullets whistle past your ear.
Cherubino, go to victory!
To military glory!