I will state up front – I don’t believe in the death penalty. The United States of America seems to think this an acceptable act. Some other nations that think likewise include: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan

It’s just state sanctioned murder in my view. I do not condone any crime, but it just seems wrong to me to kill a human being in the guise of justice. This should be a moral judgement. The moral fiber of the USA, while it has the free government and liberty, also has vengeful attitudes.

Executions are abolished in the EU, Canada and Mexico. What is wrong with the USA? How do we remain so barbaric in attitude and maintain a vision of moral correctness?

John Allen Muhammad could be the devil himself, but does that give us the right to kill him? It disturbs me when an execution occurs in my state. This case is high profile too and the whole nation is watching. It is getting international attention too in some places. I just cannot believe such things happen in this country.

Get a rope and find a tree – Isn’t it time we put that cowboy justice behind us? More than that, achieve the moral fiber to face it. Everyone thinking on this topic should see a powerful film called “The Ox Bow Incident“. It is very relevant, despite it’s film age. The perspective is emotional.