It came in a cleansing way and stayed for a few days. A major storm of the century they say… In personal reflection I have been in a storm since my Mom died a couple years ago. It has been above normal in emotional flooding for me. I am making a parallel thought here.What is the damage? In a storm there is always a casualty of best effort and brave face. It’s a realization that nature is powerful, and human sympathy is limited to individual trials. Why should it be otherwise? Those storms that come our way, by nature or by emotion, cannot truly be prepared for: An historic Nor’easter in Virginia with tidal flooding was above normal. The death of a parent and flooding of emotion above what is imaginable in feeling.

Floods are never welcome events, but I offer some wisdom. The flow of life can only hold as much as the Storm Drain allows. After that it is up to us to deal with the rest. It is a way of seeing oneself and nature too. You can’t always rely on the support of others. Family-yes, others not so much. I found that out. Even significant others can not always support you in dilemma when concerns are more for their own self than for your loss. That’s perspective in life.

The interesting thing about perspectives is that they are sometimes driven by needs, wants and desires. In fact Nietzche said, “It is our needs that interpret the world.” The Storm Drain is always there to take the excess, the rest we have to deal with and not suppress.