Dear Readers,

What does a want to be psychologist with little relationship experience have in common with a want to be relationship expert with little insight into psychology? The answer is my last two girlfriends. That’s very funny, but nevertheless sad for me. What does that say? Am I a sucker for troubled women or just plain stupid? Well, I maintain neither. I am, of course “a good guy” in my own mind. How could it be otherwise? If I don’t stroke my own ego, who will? My last two girlfriends didn’t seem interested in sustaining my exalted stature at all.

Just for the record I will admit to not being perfect. Yes, it’s true – I have made mistakes. Now I justify it – doesn’t everybody do that? Here’s where divergence happens, who can forgive and who cannot forgive? This makes a difference and says something on the character of the person. Take Tiger Woods – Can his wife forgive him? A Hollywood example and it seems only men cheat there. Looking at the cable show “Cheaters”, it seems in equal balance in real life – Yes, men and women do it equally – A surprise? Not really. It’s human nature, and why should men and women be different in that way? Who forgives who in such situations, and I guess men and women should do that equally too. But cheating is only one outlying aspect. Relationships enter trouble often for more basic reasons. Cheating is usually an outcome of those reasons and becomes the defining line.

So, here’s a question I wanted to pose – Should a woman be interested in a man’s ego? If she is, how should she go about supporting that? If she is not, is it offensive if a man has his own ego? Realizing I am the atypical male, and a cut above the rest, of course, I am curious about some of the questions I have posed. A man of my qualities is always interested in a female perspective. It’s part of what makes me a sensitive, caring man. If I am to temper my ego a bit and be confident too, I have to balance that with gentle ways. What is really desired – reality vs. fantasy? It’s fair game to turn the questions on me. I am an equal opportunity conversationalist.


My Male Ego