Remember that time of life – 10, 20, 30, or more years since graduating from High School? I would like to speak about that Time Machine – Any Year. We are, each of us, a time machine of sorts: repository of facts, memories and stories. Of these things we can go backward and forward with ease. The present we already know. It’s not a true time machine if we cannot go backward and forward at will. I propose that there is no difference. The reflection backward is the same as reflection forward. Most people see themselves at whatever age they are as something they are not. When you are young you want to be older, and when you are old you want to be younger. It’s not exactly certain what any experience in life has to do with time, but it does seem always present.

Here are some things I thought I learned through time:

(1) Your parents are not here forever – Appreciate the time available.
(2) Love is an uncertain & unsteady bridge – You cannot rely on it.
(3) People are more similar than different – This is often overlooked.
(4) Don’t let your judgments define you – The world is a big place.
(5) Attitude makes a presence – You become who you aspire to be.

Did I really learn such things or have they been with me all along? Do I really recognize them now or are they just part of me now? In future ways, will these ideas change for me?

I don’t know the answer to any of these last three questions. I am a Time Machine – I can go backward and forward or stay in the present. I can never be so sure in my judgments of right/wrong, good/bad, or stand in judge of what is absolute? One of the pleasures of being a Time Machine is that you can escape into the past or the future. The danger for some people is getting stuck in the past and becoming a malcontent. The danger for other people is getting stuck in the future and becoming too idealistic. A good balance of Time Travel serves your own way and everyone well.

One way to be in time – is never to forget. A friend is always a friend, love is always love, and judgments are left for high courts, not friends and lovers. That’s just me speaking from my own Time Machine. I know something of frames of reference too. Sometimes it takes a wrong to make something right. It’s all relativity!

Each of us is a Time Machine – Any Year – and the possibilities are endless…