I am a physicist, philosopher, and pedantic pain in the ass sometimes. Though my friends and family would never say so, I am sure they have thought this is true at one time or another. It is always my hope that I am also appreciated in this way for who I am, regardless of my perspective and viewpoints.

It is my belief that each person lives a life according to their own ideals, principles, and knowledge accumulated through time and experience. There is infinite variation in this way and, as such, there is no right or wrong way. There are individual ways with all the variation and shades of color.

I have started this blog here at wordpress with the desire to express myself as I have previously – with individuality, candor, reflection, and a bit ‘o humor when possible. The blogs with earlier dates represent the sum (for the most part) of my thoughts in such ways since 2005 on MySpace: Spocklogic’s MySpace (Myspace deleted all classic content in July, 2013, but have said they are looking into importing the blogs into the new Myspace – we shall see).

I have transferred them here as a legacy collection. The audience and format there is just not conducive anymore to these types of meanderings of the mind. I hope the new home here will give me a more flexible venue, and perhaps a new audience for for my expressions.

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This is a survey of myself in a variety of ways, as well as I remember…

“If we remembered everything, we should on most occasions be as ill off as if we remembered nothing. It would take us as long to recall a space of time as it took the original time to elapse, and we should never get ahead with our thinking. All recollected times undergo, accordingly, … foreshortening; and this foreshortening is due to the omission of an enormous number of facts which filled them.” ~William James ‘The Principles of Psychology’ (1890), Chapter XVI – Memory.