Normally I don’t write about my travels here at my WordPress blog and I have a special blog at TravBuddy for that. Nevertheless, I had an amazing safari adventure in Africa in September of 2011 which I have written about:  (See Under African Skies at TravBuddy)

I consider it one of the most satisfying of my travels because I was not discovering the places man has created in cities, ruins, museums, monuments and such, but the places that created man & where we came from as a species. That’s something unique and can only be explored in the cradle of mankind. It is rather a long tale of adventure, but at the end of the day I satisfied myself that I gave it the attention it deserved for my own sense of self, rather than what anyone else would think. I’m quite proud of this Blog. It’s special too because I had great friends with me, and I wanted to preserve the experience for them as well – in reminiscence looking backward. If you would like to read of my adventures in Africa with many photos and some videos to enjoy with the narrative, then see the links I have given here to my travel. You can explore my many other travels around the world there too (spocklogic at Travbuddy). Enjoy!