The Stardate Before Christmas

Twas a stardate before Christmas and all through the ship
nothing was moving not even Miles’ pips
The phasers were hung in the arsenal that night
in hopes that poor Worf would win just one fight

The crewmen were all asleep in their beds
While Data calculated PI in his head
And I, in my ready room, with my eyes all bloodshot
had just settled down to some tea, Earl Grey, hot

When out on the main sensors arose such a clatter
you’d have thought that Geordi mixed matter/antimatter
Then what to my wandering eyes should appear
But a man dressed in gold with Spock and his ears

He gestured, his mouth opened, but I heard not a word
then slowly, distinctly, his voice could be heard
“Christmas…future…you sure Spock?”, he said almost appalled
“My…God…Spock….Look!…..I’ve gone bald!”

“Logically, sir”, Spock murmured, “It’s not all that hard.”
“Captain Kirk, I’d like you to meet Captain Picard.”
“Ah…yes..James T.”, he offered with ease
With hand on his phaser, “We come in Peace”

Spock spoke not a word as I went straight to my pin
“Worf, it is time to have your butt kicked, again!”
You see, I wasn’t sure if this Kirk was for real
the transporter, you know, had once made him evil

While shaking his head with more gestures he made
said over dramatically, “Do not be………afraid!”
I jumped to my feet, tugged my shirt as I spoke
“Q, show yourself!  Is this some kind of a joke?”

“A Joke?  An anecdote? A witticism or a humorous pun?”
Spock said, “I think not,  Vulcans just aren’t that fun.”
He raised an eyebrow, “Picard, we’re really not sure”
but we think we’ve been sent by the ghost of xmas future”

Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse
the silence was broken by a very loud curse
He appeared dressed in blue and his temper was huge
“Dammit, I’m a doctor!  I am not a scrooge!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Worf strolled from the bridge
in his emergency walk and head full of ridge
“A….Klingon!”, Kirk shouted, as Spock grabbed in restraint
but it was too late as Worf started to faint

The doctor rushed to his side as Kirk looked down upon him
“He’s been frightened, for sure, but he’s not dead, Jim!”
With much disgust, I gave a slap of my head
If only, I thought, Tasha weren’t dead

I confronted the trio and Kirk got a look of surprise
as I asked, “What are you doing here on the Enterprise?”
“This…is…the..Enterprise?”, he asked almost with glee
“Yes, Captain Kirk”, I confirmed, “The Enterprise-D.”

“Spock, could it be possible, I’ve been sent to demand
that I take this Enterprise as my next form of command?”
I’d been holding my anger but it started to slip
“I will not allow you to take over my ship”

Kirk’s eyes lit up as he said with a smirk
“You won’t be around long wearing that red shirt”
“Captain Kirk”, I chuckled, “you really ought to be told”
“The security team here now dresses in gold”

The grin came off of his face cause even he had to know
If someone got killed he would be the first to go
Spock quickly interrupted, “Jim, I believe we have been sent
by the apparition of Christmas to show how it might be spent”

Kirk looked at him with a puzzling gaze
then back at me in an obvious daze
“Spock….can it be…..Are we….still alive?”
He pondered, “Were we…able to…..survive?”

“Yes, Spock is here”, I said, “Admiral McCoy, and Mr. Scott, too”
“The writers haven’t told us what happened to the rest of your crew”
“I think, sir” Spock continued, “though some of us may be gone”
“The ghost wanted to show that our legacy lives on”

Kirk thought for a moment then said “Though we’ve come far,”
“I see what you mean, Spock, we’re still cruising the stars”
“Christmas future will be shaped as we continue to explore”
“Where possibilities are endless and no one has gone before”

Then came a power much like a nebula storm
out of a brilliant light stood an alien life form
It gestured at Spock and McCoy, in a flash they beamed out
Now only Kirk stood before me in somewhat of a pout

“Captain Picard, It seems that I must go”
All I could say was “Captain Kirk, make it so”
Kirk could be heard as he beamed into a speck
“Merry Christmas to all and keep up the Star Trek”