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Salvador Dali – Inspiration in Many Forms

I will get right to the point and there is in this life that “inspiration in many forms” that makes a philosophy. We all have a philosophy, whether we know it or not, and the word comes from the Greek philosophia, meaning love of wisdom. If you don’t love wisdom then turn away now. Wisdom is sometimes too strong a word and I often like to call such fragments I have collected over the years by the name of Tenets (an opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true by a person). Perhaps they are just lessons I learned. So, without further embellishment in wordage, here are my Fifteen Fragments of Wisdom, Tenets or lessons in life:

1.) Don’t ask for something if it will be a burden to you when you get it.
2.) The way you end something is almost as important as how you began.
3.) Wisdom is usually the difference between knowledge and experience.
4.) Mistakes made in life are not as important as lessons drawn from them.
5.) Many of the truths we cling to often depend on a certain point of view.
6.) Happiness depends not on circumstances, but your approach to life.
7.) To remember everything is almost as bad as remembering nothing.
8.) Collect your tomorrows because they will become cherished yesterdays.
9.) The heart has its reasons in life that reason cannot possibly know.
10.) The threads that connect us are not bound by the space between us.
11.) You are always as good as the best thing you have ever done.
12.) A cup half empty or half full matters not and endeavor to fill it.
13.) Time is the great moderator in life, so moderate your time well!
14.) Sometimes giving means more to yourself than those you give to.
15.) Take time in your life to write your own 15 fragments of wisdom.

In the beginning there was Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – the ancient development of Philosophy. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius in Roman times demonstrates the lasting power of that wisdom, and though Roman Emperors were generally a bad bunch, the fact that they adopted much from the Greeks speaks volumes. In Modern times perhaps Descartes stands out as the father of modern philosophy – Cogito Ergo Sum. Well, this is not a lesson on the history of philosophy, but just to say that Human History is full of inspiration in many forms. I just added a bit of my wisdom or set of tenets to the mix in the name of philosophy, that represent an accumulation of thought in my life that I think may ring universally true. It’s the kind of thought that lifts us all to the existential way of thinking towards experience in acting, feeling, living, being and all that is human inside of us. It’s not always about the rational, but sometimes about the irrational too. That is essential to existential ways.


I am sure I have much to thank in philosopher’s past in applying such wisdom on reflecting about my experience and sharing such thoughts here, and that is part of the natural course of development as passed on through the ages. We are all a sum of philosophy past & existential experience I suppose. This is jut my spin on things I guess and very simply what I wanted to present in this blog as an offering of some wisdom. In closing, I include a photo from the film Ben Hur, with the caption “Row Well and Live” that has some substance and meaning regarding my 15 Fragments and beyond too, though admittedly it’s an afterthought on my part here.


Ben Hur – Row Well and Live!

If you have never seen the film Ben Hur then you need to return to planet Earth 😉  I say that in jest, but seriously, see this film if you have not and it is a wealth of wisdom, tenets or lessons in life. As I said in the last fragment on my list, take time to write your own 15 fragments in life whether you call it lessons, wisdom, philosophy or tenets. They may have served you well, so serve them well, write them down and reflect on it – You may find it illuminating!