Elvis spoke to me in a dream and said I should pay attention to “Suspicious Minds”. So, I got into that mode of thought and began to wonder on something I saw the other day before I had this dream. It was a photo of the unpacking of the head of the statue of Liberty in the late 1800’s, around 1885 -1886. You know, it kind of looks like Elvis. Maybe more than kind of looks like him, and it looks just like him when he was young! That’s freaky, I thought, but maybe just a coincidence. So, I began searching for more photos of the Statue of Liberty and found another one from 1885-1886 that looked like the old and fat Elvis. That can’t be, I thought. It was the same statue, but maybe I was seeing Elvis just because he came to me in a dream. Then I got to thinking how the Statue of Liberty does appear different depending on how you look at it. Before I go further, here are the comparisons I found between Elvis and Lady Liberty:

Elvis & Liberty - 1

Elvis (1958) & Liberty (1885 -1886)

Elvis & Liberty -2

Elvis (1977) & Liberty (1885 -1886)

I don’t know what it all could possibly mean. How can Elvis and the statue of Liberty have the same face? It defies reason and is not logical. Yet there it is plain as day.  Could all these faces have something to do with the face on Mars maybe? The resemblance is hard to make out here due to the quality of the image, and the US government and NASA have tried to hide this from the public for many years. I show the best quality available for the face on Mars here too and you decide! Maybe the crew of the Enterprise (TOS – The Original Series) needs to do one of those ring around the sun things that Scotty was against, but Spock said was theoretically possible, and go back in time to figure this out.


Face on Mars

Elvis also told me to reset the initial conditions each day because, he said, parameters propagate out of control all the time. He didn’t sing to me, but made Karate moves in his appeal as he spoke. He told me my cats understood this already and could easily explain it to me if only I understood them. I didn’t really know what he meant by that. Aren’t people more intelligent than cats? I think Elvis was saying my cats reset their clocks everyday, but humans don’t. I did question my cats about this, but they didn’t seem to know anything and behaved as they always do. It’s funny though, and I never gave much attention to it before, but when there are stories of UFO’s, Bigfoot, Nessie and such things on TV, I catch my cats paying attention. When I look at them they turn away suddenly, even suspiciously. So many times I have questioned them intensely, and just as I think they are going to speak – I wake up!

The only fragments left are of a Conspiracy Theory Dream. Elvis has left the house, and I can recall some fragment of lyrics related to a ‘real’ song:

‘We can’t go on together with suspicious minds,
and we can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds.’

Meanwhile, my cats remain as they were before,  but I remember the words of Elvis, to reset the initial conditions each day. Nevertheless, I then try to recreate the dream here!  It is the nature of human beings to analyze and always question what is a dream and what is reality. It’s a thin line between what we know, what we dream, and what we perceive in the universe. As Shakespeare said: “The Play’s the Thing, wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.”

Shakespeare and the “King” – Elvis is back in the house and so begins another Conspiracy Theory Dream. I’m caught in a trap, and I can’t walk out! Am I awake or do I dream?