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I think not for me in future ways…

With the midterm elections in the USA coming up, I thought I’d give my reasons why I’m not going to vote anymore. In simple terms I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless and a waste of my time. For most of my life I believed in all those words shown in the headline photo posted at the top of this page, but I have come to the conclusion that politics is a game played by the people in power and voters are used like tools to keep that power or to oust someone else and claim that power for their own selfish purposes. Most politicians are narcissistic I believe and think they are important enough to make a difference, but they rarely do. They lie, twist the truth, manipulate the public and, in their own self-importance, forget that they are supposed to be public servants. They are not thinkers, nor leaders, neither benefactors or patrons, and their efforts mostly self-serving. Plainly and simply, I refuse to sponsor people of such questionable morals and principles anymore who move position according to their advantage. It’s no wonder they all sound the same when they will say anything to gain vote in election time!

It is said we have a representative government in the USA, and that may have been true at some time in the past, but that day has past and it is only the appearance of a representative government now. John Locke would be shocked to see what has become of the Enlightenment (Age of Reason) in the late 18th century and what the current state of democratic government has evolved into. I suppose a host of others might join him in their shock : Bacon, Voltaire, Rousseau… These people were the seminal thinkers that formed the basis of thought in the Constitution reflected by the founding fathers of the United States of America. Politics, of course, has always been a dog-eat-dog business, even going back to the days of Jefferson and Adams, but at least for a couple of centuries in America the personages were genuine, faults and all. Today we have a collection of ingenuous robots who stick to party lines and endeavor to indoctrinate followers (fed by vitriol from partisan media) like it was some sort of cult. I just don’t want to have anything to do with it and the hypocrisy that goes along with it anymore.

In my opinion, voting does not matter. Statistics bear this out mostly from a mathematical perspective anyway as few elections are really all that close. Even those important ones that are, such as the 2000 presidential election, the popular vote decided Al Gore, but this was ignored and George Bush was made president by the electoral college. Of course not all voting is on big stages – president, congress, representatives, governors. In more local ways, such as mayors, councilmen, sheriff or such things there may be more impact from voting on a local politics scale. Such people are not as susceptible to the large scale influence of money and lobbyists that national scale politics has sold its soul to. However, scandals on local scale are prevalent enough to give one distrust that politics and politicians can do any good, even in localized environments. Incompetence seem more the rule than the exception, so why vote for the local bozo’s either.

I’ve followed politics all my life, participated in presidential campaigns when I was a young man – I had passion for leaders who would change the world for the better and take us in a direction that benefited humanity. I have not seen it happen and we waste resources on wars and conflicts abroad fighting ideologies contrary to our own, instead of reinforcing our  ideology at home and building the nation with beneficial domestic ways. I am disappointed at the state of the USA and world today. This obsession with terrorism is something I don’t understand. Yes it is important to stop it, but it is not the most important problem in the world today and we (as a collective humanity) are ignoring many other things. I looked up a statistic and some 10,000 people worldwide died from terrorism related incidents in 2013. For a world population of ~7 billion, that’s a 0.00014% casualty. Is the trillions of dollars spent on fighting terrorism really worth it?

I don’t have any answers for these difficult questions. We know the dangers of the military-industrial complex, which is what we are in now. Politicians will deny that and spin any yarn, so as not to offend anyone, and keep themselves in office to bloviate and feed their OWN narcissism that THEY make a difference. Gandhi once said, “Become the change you wish to see in the world” and it’s an excellent principle, but one that politicians don’t adhere to in their petty partisan ways. I just don’t believe any politician anymore about anything, and think they do more harm to our society than good. Inflexible, partisan, stale, boring and tedious would be good adjectives. Why would I want to cast any vote for people of that demeanor. I consider it a waste of time or investment of effort to consider the issues anymore. Nothing will get done the way THE PEOPLE want it, and the power politics will decide in partisan and party lines, with but a vague difference in realty from the truth or some sort of solutions to advance our thinking to make the world a better place, which should be the end objective even in compromise.

Here’s a state of the world to consider when you go to vote ( ) and think about that and what politicians have done for you and others domestically and abroad with the changes that are needed for society and humanity in future ways…