On February 27, 2015, Leonard Nimoy died at age 83. What a life and career he had! He played many roles in TV series and films during the 1960’s and 1970’s. For me he was first and foremost, Mr. Spock in Star Trek (ST), but also the voice of “In Search Of…” (ISO) and the character of Paris in Mission Impossible (MI). As a man, he was more than the characters he played, as writer, poet, photographer and philosopher. I could not begin to express how this man shaped culture in his career, and his death is a loss to the world, but we must remember everything he gave to us while living. I don’t intend this to be something personal in my reflections, and I keep that to myself here, but do wish to pay tribute this man, so offer some links that speak for themselves:

Watch some of Spock’s best ST episodes: http://bit.ly/SpockEpisodes
Listen to Spock’s/Nimoy’s greatest hits: http://on.mash.to/1ASC0kD
Enjoy Leonard Nimoy poetry: http://leonardnimoypoetry.com/
Appreciate Leonard Nimoy photography: http://bit.ly/1a4wqlo
Leonard Nimoy’s autobiographies: http://bit.ly/1ECvEsc
Official Leonard Nimoy Fan Club: http://bit.ly/18cjw4h

Here’s a scene from Star Trek TOS, Season 1, Episode 24, where Kirk Challenges Spock, that I think is a particularly good one illustrating the emotion of Spock brought to the breaking point in human ways. Even Vulcans are vulnerable (like humans) to the emotions of life. William Shatner (as Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (as Spock) do this scene well together.

Beyond emotion & logic, beyond life & death, beyond time & space lies the ultimate “Final Frontier”. You Lived long and prospered, inspired a generation and left a legacy to be remembered – Thank you, Sir! Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end and though I never met you, I have been, and always shall be, your friend. Go Boldly now with Bones and Scotty…

I end with Leonard Nimoy’s last Tweet, a rather poignant expression, and well said.

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