Dragon in the sky – Poquoson, Virginia

Tong was finally able to obtain her visa, which I mentioned in my blog entry Life Notes 2015 and she arrived in the USA on March 10, 2015, so she has been here about 5 weeks now and we are enjoying the time together. According to the Chinese Zodiak, this is the Year of the Goat (or sheep). Tong was also born in Year of the Goat (with fire element), while I was born in Year of the Tiger (with water element). Interestingly, my first visit to China was in 2010 (a Year of the Tiger), while Tong’s first visit to the USA is 2015 (a Year of the Goat). Here is some information pertaining to Tiger’s and Goat’s and their associated element, which depends on the year born.


Tiger: In social relationships, Ttigers are always in the dominant role. Due to mistrust and over confidence, Tigers do not like to communicate with others, so they are not good at coordinating in social circles. They are inclined to use commanding means to deal with interpersonal relationships. Even though they are acquainted with a lot of people, they do not further the relationships to deep friendship. Understanding, patience, and tact are needed when dealing with Tigers. In love relationships, Tigers cannot give sweet love to their partners because they lack a sense of romance. Partners need to be equally active to keep up with the Tiger’s sense of adventure.

Water Tiger Element: The calming influence of the Water Element gives the Water Tiger a unique burst of empathy and social perceptiveness that other members of the Tiger sign do not share. While those born under the Tiger sign usually have a close-minded disposition, the Water Tiger exchanges understanding for close-mindedness. Similarly, the Water Tiger has a very strong concern for the well-being of others. Out of all the Tiger signs, the Water Tiger shows the greatest concern for family members and friends, which in turn may make them the most well received.


Goat: Generally speaking, Goats are private. Therefore it may take time and effort to get to know those who are born in a year of the Goat. Goats seldom share their personal lives. This is the reason why most Goats have few intimate friends. Once they become friends, their friendship is peaceful and fulfilling. They work hard for those they love.

Fire Sheep Element: With the influence of the Fire Element, the Fire Sheep becomes the most social and energetic of the Sheep types. The passionate Fire Sheep is known for self-reliance and independence. While other members of the Sheep sign have moderate goals, the Fire Sheep is driven to success. In the face of any obstacle, the Fire Sheep is known to display undying determination. The Fire Sheep is also more impulsive than other members of its sign and is not afraid to explore new, unusual interests. The Fire Sheep also has streaks of creativity, especially appreciating performance. As is the case with all members of the Sheep sign, the Fire Sheep has strong social qualities and is a sought after companion.


At home in Poquoson

Astrology aside, we have the opportunity to live life in sharing and caring ways now. May it be just the beginning of a great adventure for the both of us! As the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi (369 – 286 BC) wrote, “Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness“.